Sandy Thomas Transformation Coach - How to be happy - Janes's Testimonial

One day, I met with Jane (not her real name) she was confused, lonely, had gambling problem and was about to lose her home. Jane was also in a job where she being bullied and her self esteem had crumbled.

When working with Jane the root cause of her ongoing issues were identified as originating from the abuse she suffered as a child.

While her mother was emotionally and physically abusive, Jane was unaware as to how deeply this entrenched childhood trauma impacted her entire life and the choices she made about everything: her life, relationships, money and health.


Jane was about to loose everything

Due to poor life choices Jane came to see me facing financial disaster.  Unable to pay her bills and mortgage, she was on the verge of losing her home she had worked so hard for.

Jane struggled between 2 worlds: in her private life she faced financial disaster and in her public life, she was known as a kind, intelligent and positive lady with a successful career, largely due to her optimistic attitude.

It is said you cannot solve a problem until you understand the problem. In order for Jane to heal her life, it was important for her to recognise the extent to which her life stressors impacted her life.


How Jane transformed her past trauma

While several tools were used during our work together, Jane’s most profound realisation occurred when she completed the Social Readjustment Rating Scale (SRRS) questionnaire (1) which scores stressful life experiences. Jane’s score was extreme.

When looking at her test results, Jane then started seeing the connection between her past traumas, the impact caused by childhood abuse that caused her unconsciously to self-sabotage and repeat childhood abuse patterns (2) that led to several life decisions including marring a violent man. After Jane divorced him she thought she had escaped the abuse but the workplace bullying triggered her past trauma leaving her feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

In our work together, Jane discovered how her past abuse now affected her current lack of energy, motivation and depression, which was triggered by the workplace bullying and unresolved grief about her life.


From financial meltdown to financial freedom

Nothing can change the facts of Jane’s life; however, with Transformation Coaching Jane released her painful past and discovered a new found freedom.

As we worked together Jane stopped gambling and turned around her financial situation so she kept her home. She regained her self-worth and become empowered.

Through transformation coaching Jane made peace with her past abusers: she transformed her traumatic work experience, into having immense gratitude for it as a gift…being the catalyst that uncovered her past pain and heal her life.

Additionally, when uncovered Jane’s strengths, values and past success, her confidence was restored, causing her to land a fabulous job that allowed her talents to shine and payed more money!

If you like Jane, have something from your past that’s holding you back from your success …try booking your free Transformation Conversation to discover how Sandy can help you get moving.



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