The following testimonial outlines Melissa’s Transformation process.


Sandy Thomas Transformation Coach - How to be happy - Melissa's Testimonial - “When I met Sandy I was run down, stressed, emotional, tired and very unhappy with my life.  I was living the rat race in Sydney and couldn’t get off the treadmill.  I was a high income earner working in a demanding professional role with very little time for my family and friends.  Worked consumed my life.  I knew that things had to change but I didn’t know how to change.  If I got through every day it seemed like a miracle!  I never had one minute of the day to myself.

After speaking with Sandy, I immediately committed to her Transformation Program… After a couple of sessions with Sandy, I asked my employer for extended unpaid leave for a couple of months.  If not, I was prepared to resign.  They supported me and gave me the leave.  In that time, I worked through the Transformation Program quickly and made some major changes in my life.  I took up martial arts and kick boxing, I spent a lot of time thinking about what my ideal lifestyle would look life and spent time with family and friends.  More importantly, I was able to be a good mother to my son and a better wife to my husband.  They were so much happier to have the mum and wife back that they once knew and wished that I didn’t have to go back to work.


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During my time off work, I got a $18K pay rise and I wasn’t even there!  I returned to work and decided that a lifestyle change from Sydney was what I really needed.  We put our place on the market, sold it within 6 weeks and moved interstate.  My husband and I were offered transfers with our work.

We have never been happier – our lifestyle has changed dramatically.  Work is not my priority anymore.  I am looking at other ways of creating residual income so that I can eventually leave the corporate world.  I am creating a property investment portfolio and looking at business opportunities that will provide me with lifestyle balance.  I spend more quality time with my family and friends.

I cannot thank Sandy enough for her support and encouragement throughout this program.  If it wasn’t for Sandy, I don’t know where I would be now but she provided me with focus and made me accountable to my personal goals and I have achieved every one of them.  More than anything she made me believe that I could do anything that I set my mind to and I did.  She also worked with me on a number of limiting beliefs which have resulted in so many positive changes in my life. I highly recommend Sandy for people who are serious about change!”

Melissa, NSW Recruitment Manager


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