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“The only source of knowledge is experience”

Albert Einstein


Who Is Sandy Thomas?



Sandy Thomas’s life journey has given her a deep understanding of the challenges that affect the human psyche.  Having grown up in a dysfunctional family, caused her to question and seek understanding as to why complex life issues occur.  These experiences provided the fuel to discover why power imbalances occur, how people become disempowered and then how to transform these experiences to become empowered.

At age 15 when out running with her dog one cold winter’s morning, Sandy had a spiritual experience causing an intuitive knowing that “all disease (un-ease) and illness can be cured.” This was the beginning of her on a path of healing.  As a teenager Sandy worked as an alternative therapist and developed a passion for personal development.


Personal Development & Healing

Sandy’s passion for personal development and healing means she gained extraordinary skills and qualifications from both Australia and overseas, in the areas, of: coaching, philosophy, positive psychology, health psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Family Systems theory, human transformation, counselling, inner child work,  overcoming childhood trauma,  Pranic healing,  Reiki, body work, small business management.

In 2000 she completed her degree as a Social Ecologist, (one who studies people and their environment). Her thesis work focused on ‘Vision & Empowerment’ discovered the importance in having a powerful life vision, in order to transcend life’s limitations. This research provides the underlying philosophy of Sandy’s coaching method combined with many others therapeutic processes.

In order to deepen her knowledge Sandy is currently studying a Masters in Counselling & Psychotherapy.



She started her coaching business, Health & Lifestyle Excellence in October 2002. Previously she gained extensive experience in the health and business sectors. This experience is derived from working as Health Educator Officer, Recruitment Consultant, Lending Manager, Recruitment Manager, Mortgage Lender, and Customer Service Officer, sales, training and running her own business.

Sandy has assisted people from all walks of life to transform their life challenges and reach their potential and she can help you!



Grad Cert Counselling, BA App Sc Social Ecology, Master NLP, Dip Herbal Medicine, Dip Peak Performance Coaching, Dip Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Dip Advanced Massage, Cert IV Small Business Management. Cert Reiki Cert IV  Workplace Training & Assessment. Cert Pranic Psychotherapy.


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