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Discover how Sandy can help you transform your life NOW!


Discover how Sandy can help you transform your life NOW!

Sandy's Purpose

My purpose is to help you achieve your potential by experiencing a total transformation in one or more areas of your life.


Transform & heal the 6 aspects of your life: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, social & financial.
Reclaim your power and live the life you deserve!

Sandy's Vision

My vision is to facilitate the transformation, healing & self actualisation of over 1 million people to create an empowered society & a positive difference in the world.

Sandy's Mission

My mission is to provide empowering education & innovative healing techniques that transform past issues, regrets & traumas into rich insights & deeper meaning, so you achieve your potential.

Transform your past issues

I had been interested in trying NLP for a while, as I had slowly realised how in fact it is the mind that controls everything in your life (what you take in, how you process it and therefore what you put out).  After quizzing a few people I felt comfortable with Sandy and could relax and trust her to guide me through the process.  

Almost immediately we hit on a big limiting decision, traced it back to its origin (way before I could consciously remember) and worked through it (it was money related).  While doing so I experienced some massive mind shifts and came away feeling as though we had really blasted through the issue.  I also realised on the way home that the phrase I had been repeating throughout my life “I can’t afford it” (even when I could!) had also been preventing me from allowing myself to have children despite trying on and off for a number of years.  With this block removed I fell pregnant within a week and money started to flow into our lives.

With such amazing results, I can’t help but recommend that you try NLP, and trust Sandy to guide you. You never know what you might allow yourself to achieve!


Natural Health Practitioner

Transform your life now!

When I met Sandy I was run down, stressed, emotional, tired and very unhappy with my life. I was living the rat race in Sydney and couldn’t get off the treadmill. I was a high income earner working in a demanding professional role with very little time for my family and friends.  Work consumed my life.  I knew that things had to be change but I didn’t know how to change.  If I got through every day it seemed like a miracle!.  I never had one minute of the day to myself.   After speaking with Sandy, I immediately committed to the NLP program… I worked through the NLP programme quickly and made some major changes in my life… I cannot thank Sandy enough for her support and encouragement throughout this programme.

If it wasn’t for Sandy, I don’t know where I would be now but she provided me with the focus and made me accountable to my personal goals and I have achieved every one of them.  More than anything she made me believe that I could do anything that I set my mind to and I did.  She also worked with me on a number of limiting beliefs which have resulted in so many positive changes in my life.

I highly recommend Sandy for people who are serious about change! 


Recruitment Manager

Learn to believe in yourself and enjoy your success

Now I believe in myself and my entire life goals are coming together in such a
positive way. I am a better parent for my son as well as a better person for me. I
desired results and I received results.


Financial Planner

Find the answers you have been searching for

I have found Sandy to be incredibly helpful in my development, both in my life and
career.  Where there is a will there is a way and Sandy just helps you to figure it out.


Marketing Services Manager

Outcome focused coaching

Thank you, Sandy for your ‘outcome focused’ coaching and unwavering support.
From someone who was unsure of my future direction and lacking drive and
motivation, you have given me clarity of my values, understanding of my potential
and a direction for my future.


Systems Supermarket

Broad tool kit of strategies and ideas

I engaged Sandy for personal coaching and was positively surprised with her level
of knowledge, ability to get to the core of what would make a difference and her
broad tool kit of strategies and ideas. Sandy takes a sincere interest in your best
interests and I am delighted to be able to recommend her coaching services.

Belinda Kerr


Blog Posts

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